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The Ocean's Inner Life

Scientists adapt a biomedical tool to get an inside look at marine ecosystems

From Penguins to Polar Bears

Exploring the complex impacts of climate change at both ends of the Earth

Mercury in the Global Ocean

Study shows three times more mercury in upper ocean since Industrial Revolution

REMUS SharkCam: Getting up close with great whites

REMUS SharkCam becomes the target while filming sharks in the wild

Exploring Iceberg Alley

Greenland fjords offer a link between warming oceans and melting glaciers

A Drop in the Ocean

Finding a way to track how waters flow and mix within the oceans

<i>Alvin</i>'s Animals

View some of the hundreds of species discovered by researchers in the sub

Why is the Beach Closed?

Learn more about why beaches are closed in the summer—and what you can do about it