Battleship Wisconsin Photos - 1941-1949 Page 4

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Leaving Philadelphia Navy Yard for the Pacific, 24 September 1944.

Wisconsin (BB-64) probably off the east coast before heading west to the Pacific.

Photo taken on August 22, 1945 a week after the cease fire had been declared. The Wisconsin (BB-64)is seen here beginning preparations for entering Tokyo Bay for the official surrender. The large aircraft carriers of TF-38 remained on alert and did not participate in the surrender ceremonies. Admiral Halsey, fearing that the surrender might be a deception only sent in a fleet of battleships and some light carriers into Sagami Bay and then Tokyo Bay. If there was trouble, the fleet carriers would be off shore on alert to handle the situation.

Refueling from tanker Cahaba (AO 82), as seen from an Essex class aircraft carrier, circa 1945.

Band concert under the battleship's after 16"/50 guns, while she was operating at sea with the Pacific Fleet, circa 1945. An aircraft carrier is faintly visible in the right distance. Sailor in right foreground has name J.C. Smith stenciled on his working jacket.

"THE MIGHTY Wisconsin (BB-64) LETS GO WITH HER MAIN BATTERY...Here we see the six sixteen inch guns of the Wisconsin fire a broadside at a target 15 miles away. This dramatic picture was made during the two weeks training cruise of the Wisconsin to the Canal Zone with 600 Naval Reservists aboard. Released 18 February 1947.

The Wisconsin (BB-64) enters the Panama Canal.

Swabbies swabbing.

TDD-2 / TDD-3? USS Wisconsin, March 15, 1945

TDD-2 / TDD-3? USS Wisconsin, March 15, 1945

TDD-2 / TDD-3? USS Wisconsin, March 15, 1945

TDD-2 / TDD-3? USS Wisconsin, March 15, 1945

One of Wisconsin's (BB-64) escorts across the Pacific.

Gun captain at the open breech of one of Wisconsin's (BB-64) 16-Inch guns off Okinawa, May, 1945. His right elbow rests on the “mushroom” of the gun, which he keeps clean by rubbing it with the towel scrapped around his arm.

Turret crew loading 110-pound bags of powder for Wisconsin's (BB-64) 16-Inch guns during the Okinawa campaign, May, 1945.

Just how large the guns in the main battery of the Wisconsin (BB-64) are can be determined by using the crewmen standing beside them as a comparison.

The T2A tanker Neches (AO-47) refueling Shangri-La (CV-38) and Wisconsin (BB-64) on 12 July 1945.

Crewmen watch the action as the T2A tanker Neches (AO-47) refuels the Wisconsin (BB-64) and an accompanying destroyer on 12 July 1945.