Digital Hi-Definition and 3D Films

The 350-seat Nauticus Theater is the place to watch our hi-def and 3D films. Recent upgrades to the Nauticus Theater include a Christie CP2000 digital High Definition DLP projector , an EVS Airbox High Definition video server (the same servers used to broadcast the Olympics in High Definition) and Lexicon and Symetrix digital audio processors.

Our guests now watch The Living Sea and Wild Ocean on our 50 ft x 24 ft screen in glorious High Definition and 3D. Our standard definition film, USS Wisconsin: The Last Battleship, is available to groups upon special request.

Here's what is currently showing and is included in Nauticus admission!

Fighter Pilot                   Wild Ocean

USS Wisconsin: The Last Battleship is available with advanced reservation for groups and tours. Click below to learn more.

USS Wisconsin: The Last Battleship

Purchase a copy of The Living Sea or USS Wisconsin: The Last Battleship from the Banana Pier Online Gift Shop.