Interior Battleship Tours

The guided tours require purchase of the Gold Ticket

Battleship Wisconsin Topside Tour Call 664-1004 for current times, Ages 8 and up.
Explore previously sealed off areas of the Battleship Wisconsin during this fascinating guided tour. Includes the Administration area, radio room, main deck enlisted berthing, captain's cabin and sleeping quarters, flag bridge and combat engagement center. This tour involves climbing up to 4 decks and entering small spaces. Participants must be physically fit and wear comfortable walking shoes.

Main Street U.S.N. Call 664-1004 for current times, Ages 8 and up.
Visitors will be able to explore even more of the Battleship Wisconsin's interior with a brand new guided tour which focuses on "Life at Sea" for a wartime sailor. This 60 minute guided experience will include the ship's laundry, tailor shop, library, bakery, donut shop, enlisted berthing and galley.