Permanent Exhibits

 Our Mighty Seaport
This engaging new exhibit introduces visitors to maritime commerce. Families can navigate a tugboat down a busy waterway and receive "real-time" information on ships sailing past Nauticus. Discover what's coming in and what's being shipped from Virginia to far corners of the globe. Venture outside the exhibit walls and catch a glimpse of giant cranes, tugs, sailboats and cargo ships from the newly-renovated Elizabeth River Observation Deck. Our Mighty Seaport celebrates maritime commerce from the most unique spot in town – along a remarkable working waterfront.

1907: The Jamestown Exposition & Launching of the Steel Navy
This new permanent exhibit, developed and produced by the Hampton Roads Naval Museum in conjunction with Nauticus, will examine the period from 1880, when the Navy began to recover from a post-civil war decline, to 1907, when President Theodore Roosevelt sent the Great White Fleet around the world as an affirmation of American naval strength.


Secrets of the Deep
Learn about NOAA's underwater parks, called National Marine Sanctuaries, and explore the highly publicized USS Monitor site. Step inside a submersible called The Clelia and take on the role of a pilot or a NOAA scientist. You and your family can control an actual 9-foot long robotic arm to collect samples and artifacts from the seabed, or operate a remote-controlled camera to explore the wreck site. In addition, the exhibit showcases real artifacts recovered from the wreck of the famous Civil War ironclad.

An Enduring Legacy: The U.S. Navy & the 1907 Jamestown Exposition
Developed by the Hampton Roads Naval Museum, this 26 minute film traces the importance of the Jamestown Exposition to the region and its influence on the development of the naval station at Sewells Point. The film is shown in the Jamestown Exposition exhibit area.

SOS Station
Imagine gazing upon Earth as you are suspended in orbit 22,000 miles above its surface with NOAA's "Science On A Sphere". Touch a tornado. Strike a spark and learn about lightning. Analyze current weather conditions. A variety of exhibits and weather instruments cover all types of weather-related phenomena.

Tsunami Ready
The Tsunami Ready exhibit, funded in part by NOAA's National Weather Service, explores the destructive power of these frightening natural occurrences. Learn how tsunamis form and how to be prepared for them (Norfolk is the first tsunami-ready city on the Atlantic Seaboard).

The Modern Navy
Hunt bogeys and subs playing computer simulation games. Get inside everyday navy life by listening as navy personnel describe their jobs. Look over a large fleet of scale-model vessels showing the many different types of navy ships necessary for different jobs.

Horseshoe Crab Cove
Kids of all ages love to admire and touch exotic sea creatures, including starfish, hermit crabs, horseshoe crabs and urchins. In this simulated tidepool, you'll meet these and many more Chesapeake Bay inhabitants.

Shark Experience
Meet our newest additions to Nauticus - Brownbanded Bamboo Sharks, Whitespotted Bamboo Sharks, Coral Catsharks, Epaulette Sharks and a Shovelnose Guitarfish.

Living Seashore
Learn about the plants and animals that inhabit the Chesapeake Bay. You will also learn about the importance of keeping the Bay healthy and how you can help.