This camera is interactive and requires Java. If you see a picture of the camera and the words "Start Control" you may instantly gain control of the camera. If you see an image of 2 people, you are in a queue for the camera and will see the "Start Control" option when you have advanced in the queue. You can still view the live shots from the webcam while you are in a queue.

You are offered a choice of 3 views, center, left and right. When you gain control of the camera, you are looking at the center view. Each user is allowed 3 minutes to have control of the camera. After the 3 minutes is up, the next user in the queue will gain control of the camera.

In certain browsers you need to activate Java for that page by either clicking in the middle of the webcam area or in the upper left of your address bar. Sometimes a popup will appear asking if you want to run the java app. This is a java issue.

The webcam is safe and you will be able to view the Elizabeth River, traffic on the river and a wide variety of wildlife and amazing sunsets. We hope you enjoy this webcam.